Singing our hearts out


singing & body percussion

Afro-Colombian rhythms, melodies and narratives



Often carried and composed by women, Afro-Colombian songs are at the crossroads of three stories: the life of the natives of the Pacific and Atlantic coast of Colombia, the arrival of the Spaniards, and the struggles of black slaves to set themselves free.

"Afro" rhythms, melodies of Native American influence, Spanish slang lyrics, tell this ethnic mix made of pain and resistance, conflict and liberating joy. We interpret them with original arrangements for two voices and body percussion, to which is added a new work on amplification, with sound, vocal and percussive loops: at the top of our lungs and amplified!

With a few introductory sentences in French, we invite the audience to grasp the spirit and deep meaning of these songs. Throughout the concert, other songs from South America and the Caribbean coast complete the trip! The result is music made of intertwined rhythms, inspired narratives and powerful melodies.


Julien MARTIN & Claudia URRUTIA



"Surprising, this duo of naked voices and body percussion! Claudia and Julien stretch, break, dance the melodies and texts. They offer our imaginations and our bodies a wide space to rhythm without moderation… »


Mohana (the spirit of water) Composition by Esther Forero Adaptation for voice, body percussion and vocal loops by A tue-tête. Filmed and recorded at La Lampisterie in November 2019.Directed and edited by: Lelio Moehr and Diana de la Riva.

"El Pescador" (José Barros), excerpt from the concert at La Lampisterie 2019. An Afro-Colombian top, voice and body percussion, to which are added recorded loops.

"Llorando te coge el dia" (Etelvina Maldonado). Sound recording and mixing Lizard Productions.Shots and direction Les FasCinés Production. Recorded in the studio of Lizard Productions in Clermont-Ferrand 2016.





AUGUST 12 at 8pm. Associative bar Cure Tujurs in Cunlhat (63)

JULY 15 at 6pm. 35 years Old France-Latin America Association at the Village OFF Avignon

JULY 18 at 4:30 pm. Wool Festival in Sauxillanges (63)

29 MARCH. Concert and singing workshop. Lycée Général du Diois. 26150 Die


22 NOVEMBER 20h45. La Lampisterie, Brassac-les-Mines (63)

MAY 2, 8:30 p.m. Le Remue-Méninges, Saint-Etienne (42)

3 MAY 20h30. Village Café. Lauris (84)

4 MAY 20h30. The 3 Cs. Aix-en-Provence (07)

22 FEBRUARY 20H30. The CUF. Saint-Junien

24 FEBRUARY 12h. Life and Art Workshop in Coudercs. Jouillat (23)


14 DECEMBER 9pm. Café Blizart, avenue de la Gare. 43160 La Chaise-Dieu. 

21 OCTOBER 10am-6pm. Feast of the Pailhats. Courgoul (63)

 AUGUST 25 8:30 pm. The Messicole. Montpezat-sous-bauzon (07)

 AUGUST 24 8:30 pm. Roy Hart International Art Center. Malerargues(30)

28 JULY 20h. Wool Festival. Sauxillanges (63).

 22 JULY 7pm. The Buissonnière school. Montjustin (04).

21 JULY 20h30. The 3C. 23 Boulevard Carnot, AIX-EN PROVENCE.

JUNE 15 8:30 pm. CITIZEN CAFÉ. 7, place of the old horse market. 59000 LILLE.


FEBRUARY 8, 8:30 p.m. Café Associatif  Le Rallumer d'étoiles/ Quai Brescon, 13500 MARTIGUES. 

 FEBRUARY 10, 8:30 pm /La Providence Cultural Center. 8bis, rue Saint-Augustin – 06300 Vieux NICE


 19 NOVEMBER. Cultural Space rue de la Mairie. La Sauvetat 63730. Organized by the association Étamine de Lune.

2 JULY. Cactus Calamité Festival 2017. Moulin de Pertrin, 18260Villegenon

6 JULY. The Unicorn. Cultural Swarm at 19H/ 9 Route de Brioude 63340 Saint-Germain-Lembron

AUGUST 17 8:30 pm. The Fabulous Destiny. 6 rue Roger Cerclier in Aubusson

AUGUST 18 8:30 pm. General Store of Tarnac. 19170 Tarnac

21 JUNE 18H. Voix en Fête, in the forts of La Sauvetat. La Sauvetat 63730. 

18 MAY 20h. At the Maracuja café. 2 Avenue Vercingétorix, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

20 MAY 20h. Part One. Organized by the Araucaria Association. Concert followed by the film "Neruda" by Pablo Larraín. Cinema Étoile Palace Vichy. Shopping center the 4 paths. 35 Rue Lucas, 03200 Vichy

31 MARCH 20h . Part One. Hispanic Film Week. Concert followed by the unreleased film "La puerta abierta" by Seresky. Price 5€ 50 for the evening show and film/Cinema Capitole 63000 Clermont-Ferrand


13 November 11h. CHURCH OF CHADRAT. Organized by the Chad'art/ Commune Association of Saint Saturnin (63). Info: 04 73 39 02 32

03 JUNE 20H30. THE CHICKEN COOP . Piquat- Saint-Pierre-Roche. 63210

21 JUNE 18H. Voix en Fête, in the forts of La Sauvetat. La Sauvetat 63730. 

10 APRIL 18H. Cultural Space rue de la Mairie. La Sauvetat 63730. Organized by the association Étamine de Lune. 


29 JULY 19H. AM'CARTA GALLERY (outside if the weather is nice). 1 rue de l'Abreuvoir 23200 Aubusson

30 JULY 9pm. THE 16th GARDENS – THURSDAYS OF THE SPOUZE. 23230 La Celle sous Gouzon

JULY 31 AT 8:30 PM/ TARNAC GENERAL STORE/ Route de Peyrelevade 19170 Tarnac