Bloody Laws

bloody laws

Performance & Installations

Design Violette Graveline and Claudia Urrutia

About the show

This artistic research takes the form of an essential quest: to invent expressive acts against what erases women from history.

Around the world, violence against women during armed conflict amounts to the looting of their bodies – perceived as part of the conquered territory and as spoils of war. Rape, sexual slavery, forced pregnancies, so many mutilations of the female body; and when we think of escaping this extreme violence, the canons of beauty imposed by our societies bring us back to the bottom of the chain of power.

The type of performance we explore is at the crossroads of several disciplines. Summoning both qualities of interpretation, corporality, singing but also the design of scenographic elements, accessories, lights and costumes, our interventions are rich in a singular and striking plastic universe, radically contrasting with the urban landscape as we practice it.


VIOLET GRAVELINE. Scenographer and Visual Artist.& CLAUDIA URRUTIA. Performer.



Next is inspired by the Amerindian myth of the Llorona: the sorrowful soul of a woman who lost her children and sought them in the night, near a river or a lake. Video directed by Violette Graveline.


2021 From 2 to 6 MARCH. The Courtyard under Construction. Creation residency and residency exit. Cour des trois Coquins-Scène Vivante in Clermont-Ferrand (63). From 17 to 24 MAY. Creation and presentation residency. Le Bastion XIV. Strasbourg (67) 9 and 10 JULY.  at 5pm and 7pm. Festival Les Contre-Plonges / Clermont-Ferrand (63)

15 AUGUST. Strasbourg Estivale at 4:30 pm, Parc de l'Orangerie in Strasbourg

25 SEPTEMBER. The Court made it short. Cour des trois Coquins-Scène Vivante in Clermont-Ferrand (63).

2020 From AUGUST 31 to SEPTEMBER 11. Creation residency and residency exit. Autonomous factory of actors in Bataville. Moselle (57) From 11 to 13 JULY Creation and presentation residency.  Wool Festival. Sauxillanges. 2019From 7 to 12 OCTOBER. Magdalena Montpellier France. International Festival. Creation and presentation residency. SEPTEMBER 12 to 15. Knot Magdalena München. Germany.  05 AUGUST to 15 September. Creative residence Villa Waldberta. Feldafing. Germany.  24 and 25 JULY. Feminine and Masculine. Cultural Program 2019/20 Jean Perrin Center in Clermont-Ferrand (63). Organized by the Cultural Association Movements 18 to 23 MARCH. Festival Around them. Billom (63). Creation residency and presentations.
With the help to create the Departmental Council of Puy-de-Dôme and the City of Clermont-Ferrand. With the support of the City of Munich,Department of Art and Culture and Artistic Research Fellowship Villa Waldberta, Germany.
Reception in creation residency at the Festival Autour d'elles Billom, the Festival Knot Magdalena Munich,the Magdalena Montpellier Festival, La Cour des Trois Coquins-Scène Vivante Clermont-Ferrand, La Fabrique Autonome des acteurs Bataville and bastion XIV Strasbourg.